Tools / Matériel

Here the tools I use everyday to draw ! Please consider that is my own way to work and it changes through time ! Anyway these are my basics 🙂 I use them for at least 3 years each. I don’t use expensive materials because I think I have a lot to learn with these before upgrading ! The only real expensive pieces are my criteriums pencils Mitsubishi. But I’ve used the Bic one (0.7 mostly) for a looooooooong time and I really made a heart attack of love when I tried the Mitsu ones. Like : OMG this is how it should feels ?! REALLY ?? OH I need at least one… *little card : 50% discount this special day* OMGGGGGG I take the 3 of them !! See ? It’s like falling in love but every time I touch them… Yeah, that’s really erotic :3

  • Crayonné / Pencils :
    • Crayons de couleurs / ColorPencils DalerRowney (Basics but efficient !)
    • Thin Criteriums : Mitsubichi 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 (Real beauties and so great !!)
    • Fat Criteriums : FaberCastel GripPlus 1.4 (How soft <3)
  • Encrage :
    • Black and Dark Grey : Pentel ColorBrush
    • Black writing : Black Tradio Pentel (awesome but I fear to break it)
    • Light grey : Black Watercolor (I prefer this texture to make shadows and use the pentel Dark Grey for values like Samson Hair or a dark t-shirt !)
    • Ink : Nan King Indian Ink (Refill in a Pelikan Ink bottle which is great too but not intense enough I think. My Nan King is fantastic because it’s really thick but I think this is the result of years of using : I have this Nan King bottle since more than 10 years !)
    • Important : I could refill my Pentel brush (yeah, everyone told me to) BUT the native pentel ink doesn’t dry fast enough and made me done so much mistakes (and unlike the classic indian ink, it can overflow when you add water… apocalyptic…) … I draw fast and I need fast and dry ink 😀 Bonus : The real indian or chinese ink is really more intense than the pentel one !
  • Couleurs :
    • DalerRowney Basic Watercolors for when I move or going lazy or need to go faster !
    • Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors tubes for when I want to make joy in my heart 😀
    • Pébéo Colorex when I want intense colors without work or texture
    • Brushs :
      • Lazy : Pentel Brush with water container (medium brush)
      • Workout : Cotman 4 III Winsor & Newton
  • Papier / Paper :
    • Daily : Canson 1557 Bright white heavy weight cartridge paper (180gr/m² or 110.5 lbs) A5 (14,8 cm x 21 cm)
      • Previously : Bristol paper A5 110 gr/m²
    • Basic : Grained paper ClaireFontaine Acid Free A4 (180gr/m² or 110.5 lbs)
    • Love : (started to use it few month ago) Bristol Illustration Canson (180gr/m² or 110.5 lbs)



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